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Happy Friendship Day 2018

friendship day

Happy Friendship Day celebrated on this year on 5th August. In another word, friendship day celebrated on first Sunday of August in every year. Do you know why friendship day celebrated or who is first time celebrate this day? Their answer is Mr. Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho in 1958 ( Source) first time purpose to […]

When Is Friendship Day

When Is Friendship Day

International Happy friendship day in this year is 5th august.   WHEN IS FRIENDSHIP DAY IN 2018   FRIENDSHIP DAY HISTORY   Friendship Day name in different language and in different country (Arabic: اليوم الدولي للصداقة‎‎, Chine se: ¹ْ¼تسرزêبص, French: Journée internationale de l’amitié, Russian: جهونَيàًîنيûé نهيü نًَولû, Spanish: Dيa del Amigo) is a day […]